65 and Steady
Wins the Race

We're not the tortoise or the hare. Instead, we're a hybrid who's struck the right balance between speed and stamina. That means our drivers can get where they need to go now, but also last for the long haul.

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Three Ways We'll Help You Balance Speed and Stamina:

Cruise at 65 MPH

You won’t be the fastest or slowest on the road. Instead, 65 MPH will give you enough oomph to pass, but also help you save a lot of fuel and earn bonuses for it.

Earn Practical Mile Pay

We pay practical, not short miles. That means faster and less congested city driving, 5-10% more total miles, and a better paycheck.

Get Home Often

To last in this race, you need regular time to rest and reset. That’s why we make sure our regional drivers are home every week, and our local drivers are home every day.

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